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"Specs and plans are the best.  I have also received many such comments from contractors.  Eileen is thorough not only in the planning stages, but in her site visits and ensuring the project is completed as planned, including timely closeout documents."  Dwayne L. Johnson, Past Director Facility Services – Wayne State College

University of
Nebraska - Lincoln
Miller Hall
Exterior Restoration

Project Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Completion Date: July 2010

Cost:  $134,000



Miller Hall houses the main computer system for East Campus. Maintaining the operation of the mechanical and electrical equipment on the southwest corner of the building was vital to the owners continued occupancy and use of the building. The associated refrigerant piping, electrical conduits and equipment attached to the building brick masonry and protecting the equipment from dust during the restoration project was critical to the success of this project.   The scope of the work included brick masonry tuck pointing on the entire building, replacement of damaged brick, repair of existing damaged limestone, brick masonry and limestone cleaning, replacement of sealant at all limestone joints and all window perimeters, sealing all exterior penetrations through the brick masonry and limestone to create a water tight barrier, removal of all organic growth, cleaning and painting all steel window lintels. At the roof overhang some of the wood decorative outriggers at the soffit had rotted due to gutter leaks, new outriggers were fabricated to match existing. Outriggers, that were sound, were cleaned and painted along with the entire existing wood soffit and fascia system. The west entry roof system was removed, reframed and replaced with a new EPDM sloped system that would better direct water off the decorative stone entry and away from the balusters.

6912 North 97th Circle
Suite 1
Omaha, NE 68122


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