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Shared Services
Distribution Center

Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Completion Date: October 1988

Cost: $1,291,000

Size:  49,500 sq. ft.    



This distribution and processing center design objectives consisted of adding a 49,500 sq. ft. warehouse/distribution center to the existing Shared Services Distribution Center. A single-story building was suggested due to a quick completion date and poor soil conditions, thus a pre-engineered building was recommended. The addition was planned in two phases such that continuity of operation could be maintained. Extensive site work was also required to divert surface and underground water away from the addition. Underground fuel storage tanks also had to be relocated and modified to comply with the current State fuel storage codes. A warehousing consultant was used to establish optimum vertical and horizontal dimensions for storage and distribution of all various medical supplies anticipated. Thus the Owner would realize maximum efficiencies from an economically well-designed structure.

6912 North 97th Circle
Suite 1
Omaha, NE 68122


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