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"I continue to reflect on how not only were our physical requirements met by your firm, but the tone and quality of the building were what we wanted.  Everyone has kept a good line of communication open with us.  Very professional. " Mark Shults, Northeast Public Power District

Omaha Public
Power District
Conference Center

Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Completion Date: February 2002

Cost: $382,600   

Size:  7,400 sq. ft.    



The project was designed as a multifunctional conference center. Extensive programming meetings were held with user groups and a trip was made to Kansas City to visit similar conference centers. The functions identified and provided include multiple conference rooms, a disaster control center, to serve as a company educational facility and access for community use. The entire ninth floor of the original office building (approx. 7,400 sq. ft.), formally a dining room and kitchen, is dedicated to providing a nerve center that connects and cross connects computers during disaster periods. The facility contains a large room that can seat 75 people and can be divisible into two small conference rooms, one other divisible room for 30+ attendees, one room for 10 and one room for 8. Also included is generous lobby and a small catering kitchen for serving conference attendees.

6912 North 97th Circle
Suite 1
Omaha, NE 68122


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